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A realtor’s work

An all-round career, real estate can be a high risk, high reward kind of field where knowing the playing field is key factor to be successful in it. One needs to be calculating as well as hospitable as customer satisfaction and profit go hand in hand. A realtor is an estate agent who works as sort of the middle man to help a buyer find a seller and/or vice versa, their pay being the commission they receive on the deal. Realtors can make can shed the workload off their clients as they take matters into their own hands while the client need only evaluate what the realtor suggests instead of having to do the legwork themselves.

The first thing any good realtor will have to do when they get in touch with a client is to evaluate their needs in the case of the client being a buyer or the property they wish to sell in the case of the client being a seller. It is not a necessary thing that this appraisal price be the same as the one the realtor would put up as a listing price and any experienced realtor should know the market fairly well. Should the surrounding area and the buildings there be selling at a listing price higher than their appraised value, the realtor should know just how much higher he can set the listing price at. Similarly, if the surrounding areas and the market they are concerned in be stagnating then the realtor could instead set the listing price of the property at or even lower than its respective appraisal value. But in the case of a client looking to buy, a realtor will instead look at a marketplace appropriate to the budget he has been provided and also look for ways to get the highest quality property within said budget.

Another thing a good realtor will do is inspect the housing, finding faults in a house later on can be a deal breaker and it is better to fix any unforeseen issues in the housing before it occurs as that can lead to undesirable results.